Securities Fraud Class Actions

If you purchased shares of a publicly traded company trusting that the marketplace had properly valued the stock based on the complete mix of information available, and it later turns out that the price you paid for your stock was inflated because the company was dishonest about important adverse information, or hid such information, and the price of the company’s stock goes down significantly, you may be a member of a defrauded class of shareholders, eligible to pursue a class action claim under federal securities laws to recover your losses.

A class action claim for securities fraud may be brought by an individual plaintiff on behalf of all persons similarly situated, or by a group of representative plaintiffs.

These cases are brought with the assistance of experienced class action counsel, who will bear the costs of prosecuting the case and apply for a fee, to be approved by the court, only upon the successful conclusion of the case.

Any settlement of a class action case which would bind the members of the class of injured persons who are not represented individually by counsel (the absent class members), must be approved by the court as fair, reasonable and adequate.

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP and its predecessor firms, has represented plaintiffs in class action cases for more than twenty years.

The firm specializes in representing shareholders defrauded in the stock market and has prosecuted more than 80 shareholder fraud class actions in more than 30 different courts since 1996.

Frequently asked questions about securities fraud class actions.