Antitrust Litigation

If you live in California and you paid too much for a product because the company that manufactured that product, or the company that sold you the product, conspired to fix prices for that product, you may be eligible to bring a class action case on behalf of all purchasers of the product seeking to recover your losses and to punish the wrongdoers with hefty treble damage penalties.

California, and more than 20 other states, permit consumers to sue manufacturers for antitrust violations, including price fixing. In the other states consumers may not sue a party for an antitrust violation unless they purchased the product directly from that party.

Antitrust class action cases are brought with the assistance of experienced antitrust class action counsel, who will bear the costs of prosecuting the case and apply for a fee, to be approved by the court, only upon the successful conclusion of the case. Any settlement of a class action case which would bind the members of the class of injured persons who are not represented individually by counsel (the absent class members), must be approved by the court as fair, reasonable and adequate.

Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP, and its predecessor firms, has represented plaintiffs in antitrust class action cases for fifteen years.